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"I don't mind losing to someone who is better.
I hate losing to someone who is not as good.”

-  John McEnroe
Good and Bad days.png
Good and Bad days.png
Good and Bad days.png

What to Do When Your Tennis Game
"Didn't Show Up Today"

Anchor on High Percentage Tennis

for More Points, More Fun

Simply adding a few more “high percentage” shots to your game may really raise the consistency at which you win points, games, sets and matches.  High percentage tennis is simply playing the smart shot option, given your position on the court and the ball your opponent gave you.  


Here are just a few examples:

1. Hit More Cross Court Shots

Hitting corner to corner on the tennis court gives you both more court length to work with and places your balls where the net is lowest.  This shot can also open up the court for you, as you pull your opponent out.  These factors together will help reduce your errors and help you find your game.

Court and Net_edited.jpg

2. Give Yourself Some Margin

Mentally give yourself some margin for both net height and the court lines.  Strive to hit the ball 20 inches OVER (and never into) the net.  Hit well inside the alleys and baseline so that you are reducing your errors and forcing your opponent to return the ball.

Clear the Net.jpg

3. Hit Your Approach Shots Down the Line

When you get a short ball in singles, hit your approach shot down the line.  This allows you to follow the ball straight in, hit your next (likely) shot on the same side, and forces your opponent to try to either hit past you or redirect the ball.  When you hit your approach shot cross court, you’re giving your opponent more open court to return the ball - and you’re not setting yourself up for a clean volley shot.

4. Take Fewer Risks When Your Game is Off

Stick to the basics until you get into a groove.  Don’t try to hit down the line (where the net is highest & the court space is limited) and don’t try new and ‘tricky’ shots that you have been learning.  Play your best basics to reduce errors and help you recover your best game.

5. Know (and Play) Your Strengths

If your forehand is your best hit, hit to your opponent so that they most likely return to your forehand.  If you love to volley, hit deep to your opponent and get up to the net and volley.  Set yourself up so that you are hitting your best shots and giving yourself time to find your game.

Girl Hitting.jpg
Strength male.jpg

We hope you find these tips helpful!  These are just a sample of the mental and strategy tips we will discuss and work on in the upcoming tennis camp.

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