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All the FUN is Less Than 20 Days Away Now!

This email is just to provide a quick update and share info. as we all prep for some GREAT FUN and LEARNING SOON ON THE TENNIS COURTS!


1. What To Bring to the Tennis Camp.  

  1. We DO have tennis racquets for rent and great water bottles for purchase. We are currently demoing the NEW Solinco BLACKOUT and the Solinco WHITEOUT racquets too for rental.  We DO recommend you bring your favorite racquet.  And we do string racquets: please note that we may require 2-3 days (due to volume), and so you may OPT to get your racquet restrung before the tennis camp.  

  2. Please consider bringing your favorite sun screen and lip balm, etc.  We do have all these items available for purchase (and some will be in your goody bag too). 

  3. Don't forget your sun glasses for the tennis courts/play, if you use them.  

  4. Please ensure you have proper tennis footwear - and we do sell shoes at the tennis shop too (mostly Babolat Tennis Shoes).

  5. Your great energy!  While we know the coaches will help get the fun started each day, we are always so impressed by the energy, enthusiasm and support from the tennis camp players/participants. 


2. Meet Your Pros and Fellow Players at the Sunday, July 21 Tennis Mixer (3pm) and Reception (5 pm).


The tennis camp pros are meeting and planning now for the camp. They are super psyched (!) and look forward to meeting each of you on Sunday, July 21 at the 3pm Tennis Mixer and Reception.  Please do come ready to PLAY TENNIS at 3pm.  If your flight is delayed or tight, please let Tammie know.  Tammie's cell is 602-350-8640.   And please remember your IM IN page for support in your upcoming travel plans.  We will mix it up at the reception too (and Tammies favorite 'Dad Joke' from 2023 is at the bottom of this page).


3. Player Connection.


We know many of you will trade phone numbers as you meet up for dinner plans, hikes, beach days, etc.  We can set up an optional WHATSAPP group or Email DIST LIST if you want to connect with other players.  We hope you don't mind taking this QUICK SURVEY HERE so that we can set up player connections.  We will never share your contact info. without your prior consent.


4. Fun Off the Courts Too. 


Some of you have asked about the Manta Ray Night Dive and so we recommend participants who want to do the night dive to sign up via the following link. You must be comfortable with a snorkel.  You may opt to book for WED JULY 24 at 8:45pm.  See more at   This event is fully separate from and has no relationship in any way with the tennis camp or tennis camp leaders/participants.   If you want to join the Manta Ray Dive and it is full, please contact Tammie and she will see if we can add a few spots.


5. YES - There are Just a Few Spots Open Yet for the July Camp.


The Camp is ON and we have a REALLY GREAT Group coming again this year.  Due to a few last-minute cancellations, we do have some spots open yet for the July camp.  If you want to grab a friend to join the camp, please contact Tammie to watch for their registration (via REGISTER NOW).


We hope you are getting excited about the upcoming tennis camp on the beautiful Big Island of Hawaii !  We plan to make sure you all have an incredible experience.  As always, please reach out to Tammie if you have ANY questions or we can be of any assistance as you form your travel plans.




Tammie and Rudy

602-350-8640  (Tammie's cell)


*PS.  Tammies favorite 'dad joke'.    What do you call 2 monkeys who share an online Amazon account?    Answer:  PRIME mates 

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